The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Myths

The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Myths Source: Don Catalano – WWW.REOPTIMIZER.COM Many business people are experts in their field, and tenants in commercial real estate properties. If you spend more time on running your business than on carefully strategizing about your company’s space, you might READ MORE

Today’s Insight… Determination

What is determination?  1.  the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. 2.  the information ascertained; solution. 3. the decision or settlement arrived at 4. the quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose 5. a fixed purpose or intention Determination is to keep at something until you get it done – or until you find out how to do it! Determination involves a degree of stubbornness – since without it – you would not achieve the READ MORE

3 challenges small business owners face:

3 challenges small business owners face:   Finance If your business needs help in the financial area, here is a short “best practices” checklist to consider: Get help to create a basic financial reporting structure, such as within QuickBooks or your choice of accounting software. READ MORE

How To Find Commercial Property

When looking for office space, industrial real estate or some other commercial property for lease, it’s helpful to follow some general rules to get the perfect property and the perfect lease agreement. Whether you start your  search online or contact a commercial real estate agent for help, there READ MORE

Discover if you are ready to own a business

Discover if you are ready to own a business You know what you’re stepping into:  It is vital that you don’t take a step towards owning a small business without knowing what you’re getting into. Know how much commitment it takes; how much time, effort READ MORE