Searching For It Or Getting It From A Pro?

Searching For It Or Getting It From A Pro?

Do you have questions about commercial real estate? As a tenant, deciphering all the lingo in a commercial lease can be a daunting task. How to you know if you are getting the lease deal?


Alternatively, as a landlord do you have the time to market your industrial vacancy, review all the offer to lease being presented and ensure you get the best tenant for the space?


For sellers and buyers, things get even more complicated when selling or buying industrial properties or investment properties.


Do you think you are achieving your industrial or commercial real estate goals by going at it alone? (i.e. without the help of real estate pro)


Like everyone else – you could “google” and do some research. However, like finding out why you have an itch (answer: insect bite to more serious afflictions) finding real estate information online can lead to more confusion.


First – often the information found is general in nature. Based on our experience, each lease or purchase transactions are unique. What may work for one, may not work for another.

Secondly – does the information found is specific to the location (i.e. what’s acceptable in the US may not be applicable in Canada (or Alberta)

Thirdly – the sheer volume of information you can find online is mind boggling and confusing at best.

And lastly, the time required getting it all done while running your business.


What’s the solution to ensure your achieve those commercial and / or industrial real estate goals?   Get the advice of a qualified commercial real estate pro!


After taking the time to clearly understand your business, our real estate professionals will use their vast market know-how and experience to identify and present your best options. From leasing warehouse, storage, assembly space, to office space, to buying a commercial/industrial building as an owner/user or as an investment to industrial land. We are your one stop-shop in Calgary for industrial and commercial real estate services.


We will work for you – while your continue running your business!


What have you got to lose? Nothing….What you have got to gain?  EVERYTHING!


Let us search for the IDEAL space for your business!