Why you don't need the services offered by a commercial real estate brokerage

Don’t need a commercial agent that knows the Calgary market place to assist you?

Don’t need advice, ideas, and solutions to real estate problems?

Don’t need to know specifics about a property and any deficiencies that may be present?

Don't need access to market value comparables and information?

Then you may be taking your chances at leasing /purchasing real estate!

If you are looking at leasing warehouse space or office space on your own you will have to contact the Landlord’s agent, who has a distinct duty to protect and act on behalf of the Landlord....and not you! If you are unable to find answers to important questions you will also have to contact the Landlord’s agent who will likely provide as "much" or as "little" information as he can in his position as the Landlord’s agent

If you don't need help in your search for new premises because you are savvy with computers and can do your own searches and gather real estate information! (Re-inventing the wheel!) The sheer volume of information you may find online is mind-boggling and confusing at best.

If you have all the time in the world to muddle through this information and make important decisions based on what you may have found and continue to operate your business at the same time!

If you don't need anyone to take care of the paperwork/documents in a transaction from offer to lease and the final lease document to offer to purchase and the due diligence required, and to explain the "fine print", all while you are trying to operate your business.

You may not want to use TARGET REALTY CORP. and our commercial real estate services simply because of our vast market knowledge, experience, and know-how to identify and present the best options to you and save you this work.

If you think you don't need the services of TARGET REALTY CORP. that's fine! If you want to go it alone, we hope that all will go well for you!

However, if you decide you need help in all the issues outlined above and don't want to go it alone, we can help you we will be working directly for you in any transaction and we will have a distinct duty to look after your interests in these matters........and you can continue to run your business knowing you're getting the help you need!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Contact us today!

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