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What do clients want from real estate agents?

An agent that answers the phone One of the frequent complaints that clients have is that they can’t get their agents to take their calls. The problem worsens when the agent doesn’t answer the phone after the client signs the listing. You'd be surprised what percentage of your competitors fail to extend this straightforward courtesy, to creates opportunities to gain new, loyal customers –

Accurate estimates of selling or leasing prices*

This creates a Catch-22 situation. On the one hand, once you provide a client with an accurate price that fails to satisfy their expectations, many will refuse to try to business with you because your price is simply too low. On the opposite hand, buying a listing can guarantee you a disappointed client down the road. Tell your clients the reality and remember the old rule that sometimes it’s better to be the second agent to handle a deal than the first.

(see Opinion of Value & Opinion of Lease Rate) Access to opportunities

Most clients know what you know — lots of deals get done long before they end up on listing sites. Clients expect that you will track the market, identify the best deal, and produce it for their review.

Courtesy and professionalism to their standards

It’s our business handle various transactions all-day, every day. Agents juggle multiple deals, each of which can have a paycheck attached that runs into five or six digits. Many of your clients, though, are the opposite. Sourcing a tenant may mean the difference between having the ability to remain retired and having to go back to work. They could be selling their building after having their business occupy it for the last 40 years. In many cases, these transactions are far more than simply business to our clients, and they want their agents to remember it.

Agents at Target Realty Corp. do their best to be available when clients call or when an inquiry comes in. We strive to provide a quick and satisfactory response to all requests.

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