A landlord needs a real estate professional to assist in selecting the tenant for the property as well as effectively placing the commercial or industrial property for lease on the market. Leasing a commercial real estate property requires a lot of research and planning as well as a lot of leg work in finding the right business to occupy the space.

Unlike sales statistics, there is no requirement to report Commercial lease rates within our industry. Lease rates are not public information. We gather our information internally and from our industry contacts.

Once we have offered you our Opinion of Lease Rate for your review and approval, we will expose the property to as many prospects as possible, respond immediately to interested prospects, communicate prospect feedback, inform you of any changing market conditions, negotiate on your behalf, as directed by you and represent your best interests.

Real estate properties are great investment opportunities especially if they are maximized and used properly. To ensure that you are getting what you deserve for your real estate property, let one of our agents be your representative who will gladly help you through the ups and downs of the commercial and industrial real estate market and help protect your investment for you

Send us a note and one of our agents will contact you.

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