Discover If You Are Ready To Own A Business

Discover if you are ready to own a business

1. You know what you’re stepping into

It is vital that you don’t take a step towards owning a small business without knowing what you’re getting into. Know how much commitment it takes; how much time, effort and money you will need.


2. You’ve done your research

Researched the topic to death. And research again!   How to start a business and researched about your product.


3. You’re aware of the market

There has to be a good, viable market for the products or services that you’re planning to offer. Timing  has to be right and there’s a demand.


4. Your friends and family believe in you

Support of your friends and family are invaluable.


5. You’ve got the rebel in you

Do you find that being a cog in corporate machinery restraining?  Then entrepreneurship might just be for you.


6. You know you’ll need help

You’re aware from the beginning that you might need help . You acknowledge that there might be things you’re good at and tasks you just can’t accomplish.


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Small Business owner checklist (excerpt from Hotfrog article Nov 2015)