Small Business Owner Checklist

1. Know what you’re stepping into

It is vital that you don’t take a step towards owing a small business without knowing what you’re getting into.  Know how much commitment it takes; how much time, effort and money you will need.

2. You’ve done your research

Researched the topic to death… and research again!  How to start a business and researched about your product.

3. You’re aware of the market

There has to be a good, viable market for the products or services that you’re planning to offer.  Timing has to be right and there’s a demand.

4. Your friends and family believe in you

Support of your friends and family are invaluable

5. You’ve got the rebel in you

Do you find that being a cog in corporate machinery restraining?  Then entrepreneurship might just be for you

6. You know you’ll need help

You’re aware from the beginning that you might need help.  You acknowledge that there might be things you’re good at and tasks you just can’t accomplish


This is where Target Realty Corp. come in.   Our agents have a knowledge and insight and can help with the real estate aspect of your business.

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