How To Find Commercial Property

When looking for office space, industrial real estate or some other commercial property for lease, it’s helpful to follow some general rules to get the perfect property and the perfect lease agreement. Whether you start your  search online or contact a commercial real estate agent for help, there READ MORE

The Life Of A Broker – Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate broker provides a service between buyers, sellers, and rental agreements of real estate. Brokers are responsible for managing a team of real estate agents, to assist people in buying, selling, leasing, or  renting commercial properties. When working for a seller or landlord of READ MORE

7 Common Components Commercial / Industrial Leasing

It’s not every day that you sign a lease for commercial real estate. That’s why it’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the common components of office leasing. The following are some terms you should be familiar with: 1. Rent The rent READ MORE

What are the 3 types of Commercial Real Estate Leases?

Commercial real estate leases are complex documents, but they can be understood when you have some background about the terminology associated with them. The types of leases commonly used in commercial real estate is a good starting point, as understanding what each of them involves READ MORE

7 Commercial Investing Real Estate Terms

If you plan on investing in commercial real estate you should know the following terminology:  Net Operating Income (NOI) Cash and Cash Return (ROI) Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR) Price Per Unit Building Classification Types of Leases