4 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Acquisition

4 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Acquisition     Buying a business is a complex and important step in your life as an entrepreneur. Take the time to prepare now it will save you headaches down the road. Buying a company without a plan READ MORE

How To Find Commercial Property

When looking for office space, industrial real estate or some other commercial property for lease, it’s helpful to follow some general rules to get the perfect property and the perfect lease agreement. Whether you start your  search online or contact a commercial real estate agent for help, there READ MORE

The Life Of A Broker – Commercial Real Estate

A commercial real estate broker provides a service between buyers, sellers, and rental agreements of real estate. Brokers are responsible for managing a team of real estate agents, to assist people in buying, selling, leasing, or  renting commercial properties. When working for a seller or landlord of READ MORE